10 Aug 2017

Aggretex Deminar

August 24th – 10:30 AM to 3 PM

Aggretex is a blend of cementitious materials, aggregates and color that when mixed and poured delivers a clean uniform design. The mixtures come in 12 standard colors and custom colors for the right size project. In addition, up to 40 pounds of glass, decorative rock, or even sea shells can be added to a 50 pound bag to create one of a kind looks for your clients. Aggretex is supported by their patented wet-on-wet installation system for new slabs and can also be installed as an overlay on existing slabs. Aggretex can polished inside or exposed outside using retarders- the combination of the two creates a beautiful seamless look inside and out.

Join us for a hands on demonstration of Aggretex products at our Costa Mesa location. Lunch will be provided for all who attend!