02 Feb 2017

Now Offering More Construction Chemicals!

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Procrete Resources – Now Offering More Construction Chemicals!

Here at ProCrete Resources, we continue to strive in offering our customers new and innovative products and services. We carry a large selection of construction chemicals in most brands on the market today to fit all your project needs.

Read below to see the latest news on the brands ProCrete Rescues is now offering. Contact us for any questions or additional information on these and other brands. Let ProCrete Resources continue to be your #1 resource for all your construction needs!

Aggretex Decorative Concrete Surfaces

Unleash Possibility!

For over 20 years, Aggretex has provided concrete contractors the optimum in both exterior and interior applications. With their patented wet-on-wet system of installation, you can save time!
Aggretex is a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing trowelable overlayment which is ideal for existing concrete or new concrete.
Achieve polished and high-gloss floors for your interior projects. Check out Aggretex’s new line of NINE colors to welcome the new year!

Click here to learn more about Aggretex.

Schönox HPS North America, Inc.

Subfloor challenges are this company’s main forte. Whether the issue is routine or critical, Schönox HPS North America, Inc. has exactly what you need. Try out their primers, moisture mitigation systems, products for repair, floor leveling compounds, adhesives as well as water proofing materials.

Schönox HPS North America, Inc. has been on the market for over 120 years! Whether you’re an installer or project owners, save time and money with all of your sub flooring needs with a faster, smoother and safer product.

Click here to learn more about Schönox HPS North America, Inc.

Synpro Synthetic Acid Cleansers

If you are looking for environmentally safe products, SynPro Acid Cleansers is for you!

Synpro Synthetic Acid Cleansers focuses on decorative concrete, masonry and ready-mix segments for the construction market. ProCrete Resources is proud to offer products which are not detrimental to our environment. With Synpro’s over 2 dozen FDA and EPA certifications and approvals, we are proud to offer the complete line of Synpro Synthetic Acid Cleansers.

The new Synpro Synthetic Acid System replaces harsh and dangerous Cleansers in the market today. What makes these Cleansers unique is their capability to outshine the harshest acidic and caustic solutions while remaining non-corrosive, non-skin irritating and non-regulated by the DOT.

Click here to learn more about Synpro Synthetic Acid Cleansers.

If you have any questions regarding our products, please call (877) 310-2785 or email us for further information.

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