Aqua-Flex WB-FC Epoxy Coating

ProCrete Resources now offers the HP Spartacote Aqua-Flex WB-FC Epoxy Coating. Aqua-Flex WB-FC Epoxy Coating is a fast drying odor-free, water-borne catalyzed polymer primer for concrete. The product provides excellent adhesion to new or existing concrete and is intended for use in conjunction within HP Spartacote PURE™ VOC-Free coating systems. Aqua-Flex WB-FC Epoxy Coating exhibits superior concrete wetting properties and optimal inter-coat bond strength with Sparta-Flex® polyaspartic coatings. It is designed to be used on horizontal or vertical concrete surfaces. The material will be dry and ready for secondary coatings within 1-2 hours.

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Features and Benefits include:

  • Superior adhesion to Concrete
  • No solvent odor
  • Excellent inter-coat bond strength
  • Fast Re-Coat Times
  • Available in Clear as well as Sand Beige and Light grey

Common Applications:

  • Odor-Free and VOC-Free primer coat for resinous flooring systems
  • Base coat for multi-layer HP Spartacote® PURE seamless coating systems
  • Clear may be used as a primer coat over dyed or stained concrete
  • Pigmented materials are used as a base solid color, seamless chip and monolithic quartz flooring systems
Click on the link below to download the Aqua-Flex WB/FC Epoxy Coating PDF.

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