CPS G-250XT Planetary Grinder

The CPS G-250XT Planetary Grinder has the same lightweight frame and narrow profile as the standard G-250 for easy operation in tight spaces, but has added power for aggressive stock removal. It is designed for heavy duty grinding on smaller scale projects, and removes aggressive coatings. Its innovative three-head design enables the machine to roll with the contours of the floor, while the multi speed setting option gives peak productivity. The heavy duty CPS G-250XT Planetary Grinder design is intended for long life and easy rebuild when necessary.

  • Narrow, lightweight frame
  • 3-head design contours to the floor
  • Weights are attached to the frame
  • Great for heavy-duty applications, wet or dry
  • Easy to use LED computer key-pad
  • Available as single-phase or three-phase power

Technical Data:

Power Requirements Single-phase / 230v / 30 amp Three-phase/ 480v / 15 amp
Grinding Pressure 390 – 462 lbs
Grinding Width 25”
Weight 530 lbs
Motor 10 hp
Engine Speed Variable to 1,800 RPM

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