CPS G-290 Planetary Grinder

The CPS G-290 Planetary Grinder is an easy-to-operate planetary grinder! Its strong aluminum frame, 10hp engine and single or three-phase power requirements are perfect for medium-sized commercial applications. Its innovative three-head design enables the tooling to roll with the contour of the floor, while the multi-speed setting option gives peak productivity. The heavy duty CPS G-290 Planetary Grinder design is intended for long life.

  • 3-head design contours to the floor
  • Weights are attached to the frame
  • Great for medium-duty applications, wet or dry
  • Easy to use LED computer key-pad

Technical Data:

Power Requirements Single-phase / 230v / 30 amp. Three-phase/480v/15amp
Grinding Pressure 400-470 lbs
Grinding Width 29”
Weight 655 lbs
Motor 10 hp
Engine Speed Variable to 1,800 RPM

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