CPS Propane CAT 5 Dust Collector Vacuum

ProCrete Resources now offers the CPS Propane CAT 5 Dust Collector Vacuum. Imagine no more cords, no more 100 foot hoses, no more generators, no more electrical hook ups, no more power cord pull time, and no more coordination problems caused by power cords.

The new CPS Propane CAT 5 Dust Collector Vacuum combined with a G-320 Propane Grinder eliminates the need for electric. Start your savings and versatility. This system’s pleated primary filters elements, with non-stick coatings, have excellent dust release to prevent filter blinding and motor overheating. The CPS Propane CAT 5 Dust Collector Vacuum has a unique backwash system where 100% of the backwash goes directly to the bag creating no down time beating on the filter. The HEPA filter has three times more usable surface area than other comparable vacuums allowing for a greater amount of air flow while capturing more debris.

  • Compatible with CAT 5 Dust Interceptor
  • Continuous bagging system for easy cleanup
  • Large diameter dump

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Power Requirements Propane
Weight 600 lbs
Motor Kawasaki 603cc
AirFlow 400 CFM
Waterlift / Hg 120” / 8.5”

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