CPS SuperShaver Planer

ProCrete Resources offers the 21 HP CPS SuperShaver Planer. This concrete planing machine is excellent for extensive stock removal. Using 50-60 vertical rotating blades, this machine planes up to 3/8” deep per pass, and leaves a corduroy profile. It is suggested for removal of high build coatings, correction of concrete joints, slurry cap removal, concrete grooving, and multiple other applications. Excellent for exposed aggregate projects! Up to 3/8” planing per pass 52 blades recommended. 18 ft. cord included. Follow with 16 grit metal bond diamonds to smooth textured surfaces. Standard feature includes self-propelled hydrostatic forward and reverse drive.

Technical Data:

Power Requirements 220v / 460v Smart Switch
FLA 36 / 18
Cutting Width Up to 13”
Weight 716 lbs
Motor 21 hp
Blade Diameter 10”
Blade Width Options .110 x 10”

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