Ermator T15000 HEPA Dust Extractor

ProCrete Resources offers the 3 – Phase Ermator T15000 HEPA Dust Extractor, the most powerful 230V HEPA Dust Extractor on the market today. Greatly expanded pre-filter surface area acts as a built-in pre-separator providing superior cyclonic separation for long, uninterrupted service periods. The Ermator T15000 HEPA Dust Extractor produces plenty of airflow to handle a single four-head grinder or two each three-head grinders. The Ermator T15000 HEPA Dust Extractor is the only extractor that can keep up with a larger shaver. Clean air exhaust is guaranteed through four individually tested and certified HEPA filters. The intake port connects to a Y-connector where one or two 3″ hoses can be connected. When used with one hose, up to 100-feet in length can be used. The out-port allows venting of the exhaust air away from the work area or outside of the building via a hose connection. Jet Pulse efficiently cleans pre-filter without exposing operator to dust. The unique 70-foot Longopac® allows fast, drop-down, dust-free disposal into approximately 25 individually sealed bags. Comes with a 3-inch, 33-foot hose, and a single 4-inch to double 3-inch Y connector.

When used with two 3-head grinders (up to 32″ wide), and to achieve best results, a pre-separator should be connected between each grinder and the T15000.


Motor 16
Amps 42
Air Flow Capacity (CFM) 647
Water Lift (in) 140
Shipping Weight (lb) 905
Volts 230
Product Code 201300403

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