HP SurfaceBuild SL Epoxy Coating

ProCrete Resources now offers the HP Spartacote HP SurfaceBuild SL Epoxy Coating. HP SurfaceBuild SL™ is a medium Viscosity, 100% solids, self leveling epoxy concrete primer and intermediate coating. HP Surface Build SL™ may be used as a filler coat on concrete that has been mildly spalled due to excessive wear. The material may also be combined with an aggregate for use as an intermediary build coat within thicker mil coating systems. Surface Build SL™ is most popular as a base coat under Sparta-Flex or Sparta-Flex PURE high performance concrete coating systems where added thickness is desired.

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Features and Benefits include:

  • 100% Solids, Zero VOC Epoxy primer
  • Impact Resistant
  • 400+ psi adhesion to concrete
  • Superior inter-coat adhesion with Sparta-Flex® Polyaspartics
  • Excellent Build Coat

Common Applications:

  • Primer direct to concrete as a build coat or grout coat to level surfaces in preparation for polyasapartic top coats
  • Multi-coat high traffic commercial and industrial solid color concrete flooring system consisting of multiple pigmented coats and clear top coat(s).
  • Combined with aggregate for increased yield in thicker-mil coating applications
Click on the link below to download the HP SurfaceBuild SL Epoxy Coating PDF.

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