Innovatech Predator P-2400

ProCrete Resources is proud to offer the Innovatech Predator P-2400. The Innovatech Predator P-2400 is the perfect choice for light commercial applications for all concrete floor grinding needs. This model has a four head planetary design with flexible or rigid cutting heads as well as variable speed controls. Its compact design provides the user with a perfect balance. The height can be easily adjusted.

Motor 10Hp (7.5kW) or 7Hp (5.5kW)
Motor RPM 0-1760 RPM
Power 3-phase 220 V or 1-phase 220 V, 20-40 Amp
Dimensions 49″x25″x46″ (124.5 x 63.5 x 117cm)
Weight 10HP 652lbs (296kg)
Weight 7.5HP 568lbs (258kg)
Grinding Width 24″ (610mm)
Number of Grinding Heads 4
Grinding Head RPM 0-1030 RPM
Grinding Head Diameter 8.5″ (216mm)
Planetary Grinding Plate RPM 0-55 RPM
Hose Diameter 3″ (76mm)
Water Tank Capacity 6 Gal. (22.71 liters)

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