Innovatech Predator P-3200

ProCrete Resources is proud to offer the Innovatech Predator P-3200. The Predator P-3200 four-head planetary grinder is the largest and most powerful grinder by Innovatech. The Predator P-3200 is rugged in its construction with balanced, counter rotating heads which reduces user fatigue. An integrated flexible coupling system further reduces user fatigue and provides high production rates, ease of use and quiet operation.

Whether polishing terrazzo, grinding concrete, or removing coatings the Predator P-3200 is the preferred product in the industry.


Motor 15Hp (11Kw)
Motor RPM 0-1760 RPM
Power 3 Ø 460 Volt, 18-22 Amp
Dimensions 57″x33″x52″ (145 x 83 x 132cm)
Weight 901lbs. (409kg)
Grinding Width 32″ (812mm)
Number of Grinding Heads 4
Grinding Head RPM 0-1030 RPM
Grinding Head Diameter 10.5″ (270mm)
Planetary Grinding Plate RPM 0-40 RPM
Hose Size 3″ (76mm)
Water Tank Capacity 18 Gal. (68 liters)

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