Innovatech Predator P-32NDX

ProCrete Resources is proud to offer theInnovatech Predator P-32NDX. The Innovatech Predator P-32NDX is the new high performance 32” 4-head planetary grinder designed and manufactured by Innovatech Products, so you can be assured of reliability, stability, and fast production rates.

  • 4 Head planetary design
  • Flexible or rigid cutting heads
  • Perfect balance
  • Ease of operation
  • Reliability
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Assortment of tooling available
  • Easy on site maintenance or repair with standard tools
  • Variable speed control
  • Forward/reverse

Predator Floor Grinders Tackle the Toughest Jobs with Finesse:
When superior results are desired, an ordinary floor grinder just will not do. Gaining just the right finished look calls for a concrete floor grinder meant to handle difficult conditions and produce results that truly shine. At Innovatech, we have revolutionized floor grinders with our Predator industrial floor grinder line.

What Makes the Predator The Top Floor Grinder?
With their incredible balance, ease of use, wide range of tooling options, and unmatched production capabilities, our Predator line stands apart from the competition. The Predator grinders are the right choice for polishing or grinding cement, concrete, natural stone, marble, granite, terrazzo and more. They are designed from the ground up to provide the concrete grinding polishing results that customers demand and deserve.

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Power Output 20Hp (15kW)
Motor RPM 0-1765 RPM
Power 3 Ø 400 or 460 Volt
Dimensions 57″x 33″x 52″
Weight 1185 lbs (538 kg)
Grinding Width 32″ (814mm)
Number of Grinding Heads 4
Grinding Head RPM 0-1033 RPM
Grinding Head Diameter 10.5″ (270 mm)
Planetary Grinding Plate RPM 110 RPM
Click on the link below to download the Product Spec Sheet PDF.

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