Innovatech Terminator T2100 XME

ProCrete Resources is now offering the Innovatech Terminator T2100 XME floor scraper. The Innovatech Terminator T2100 XME is the newest member of the Terminator family of elite floor removal machines. The Innovatech Terminator T2100 XME has all the power and capability needed to remove VCT, vinyl, carpet, and many other flooring materials in a compact and easy to maneuver design. The 26-inch-wide T2100 XME fits through any standard doorway and the hydraulically adjusted blade provides the versatility to remove all types of flooring material. Featuring a built-in swivel head and dual joystick operation, the Innovatech Terminator T2100 XME is extremely easy to operate and maneuver. If your company requires professionally built industrial strength equipment the Innovatech Terminator T2100 XME is correct choice.

When your line of work calls for floor removal equipment that can stand up to any job, Innovatech has solutions to meet your needs. Our Terminator family of carpet removal machines is tough enough to handle tile, ceramic and more. The Innovatech Terminator T2100 XME carpet and tile removal machine will not disappoint with its power and performance.

Innovatech is a Washington-based company that designs and manufactures high performing floor machines and related products. From our floor grinder models and tile scraper machines to our concrete polishing systems, we deliver performance with our entire product line. Our commitment to quality has made us one of the leading producers of floor grinders, concrete floor polishing systems and floor removal machines in the world. We design and build all of our own machines to ensure quality in every product that bears our name.

Like every model in our concrete floor grinder model line, the Terminator floor removal line is designed to produce the results our customers are after. The Innovatech Terminator T2100 XME is an exceptional machine that can cut through any job with ease.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extremely high removal rates
  • Battery powered; zero emissions
  • Built in quick change swivel head design
  • Easily fits through any standard doorway or onto elevators
  • “Cool-Flow” hydraulics for consistent all day performance
  • Ergonomic friendly controls
  • Speed through your toughest projects with 1475 ft.lbs (1999.8 nm) of total wheel torque
  • Compatible with all Innovatech blades
  • Integrated forklift and lifting points

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Battery 24VDC 115AH (x2)
Working Width Up to 26″ (660mm)
Length 53″ (1350mm)
Width 27″ (690mm)
Height 45″ (1140mm)
Weight 1883lbs (854kg)
Click on the link below to download the Innovatech Terminator T2100 XME PDF.

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