Innovatech Terminator T2200 PRO

ProCrete Resources is now offering the Innovatech Terminator T2200 PRO floor scraper. The workhorse in floor removal technology, the 55HP Innovatech Terminator T2200 PRO is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding removal project. The newly updated Innovatech Terminator T2200 PRO is the most advanced flooring removal machine on the market.

Utilizing Innovatech’s unique “Cool Flow” hydraulic system, dual joystick design, integrated swivel head, and 15 years of experience the Innovatech Terminator T2200 PRO has no equal. The new T2200 PRO is capable of removing VCT, carpet, ceramic, hardwood, roofing material, sports courts, and just about any other flooring material. Power, solid design, reliability, ease of operation, and the experience to back it up make the Innovatech Terminator T2200 PRO the only choice for the serious contractor.

Floor removal projects call for machines that are designed to get the job done right with efficiency, power and performance. At Innovatech, we are pleased to offer our customers the Terminator line of ride on floor scraper machines. This world renowned line stands up to the most rigorous of jobs and cuts them down to size in no time at all. For serious power with carpet removal, we recommend the T-2200PRO. This is the most powerful machine in our tile scraper line and is meant to handle commercial applications with ease.

Innovatech is a leading manufacturer of floor grinder, floor removal and concrete polishing machinery and equipment. From our home base in Everett, Washington, we serve a client base around the world with the most innovative flooring machines available anywhere. We design and manufacture all the machines in our product line to ensure the highest level of performance possible. Our customers can count on us to deliver only the very best in concrete floor grinder, concrete floor polishing and floor removal products.

When carpet and tile removal is the task on tap, the Innovatech Terminator T2200 PRO provides the power and performance our customers require. This machine, like our floor grinders and other products, is designed to stand up to the rigors professionals can dish out.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extremely high removal rates
  • 55 HP GM Motor
  • Easily fits through any standard doorway or onto elevators
  • Built in quick change swivel head design
  • Ergonomic friendly controls
  • Integrated forklift and lifting points
  • “Cool-Flow” hydraulics for consistent all day performance
  • Meets Tier III CARB and EPA emissions standards
  • Speed through your toughest projects with 1475 ft.lbs (1999.8 nm) of total wheel torque
  • Compatible with all Innovatech blades

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Battery 12VDC
Working Width Up to 26″ (660mm)
Length 54.5″ (1380mm)
Width 27.5″ (710mm)
Height 62″ (1570mm)
Weight 2310lbs (1048kg)
Extra Weight Pack 1224lbs (555kg)
Click on the link below to download the Innovatech Terminator T2200 PRO PDF.

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