Joint-Flex 75 Concrete Joint Filler

ProCrete Resources now offers the HP Spartacote Joint-Flex 75™ Concrete Joint Filler. HP Spartacote® Joint-Flex 75 Concrete Joint Filler is a 2-part 100% solids self-leveling rapid set polyurea joint filler. This product is best used to fill control joints, expansion joints or other transition points in concrete requiring flexibility and /or elongation. It can be used as a stand-alone joint filler or in conjunction with all HP Spartacote polyaspartic coating systems.
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Features and Benefits include:

  • Low Odor
  • VOC-Free
  • Meets FDA/USDA Requirements
  • Cold-Weather Application (0ºF)
  • Cold application to -20º F
  • High impact & abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistant

Common Applications:

  • Large Box Retail Stores
  • Concrete joint filler under polyaspartic or epoxy-based coating systems
  • To fill cove base transition between slab and foundation
Click on the link below to download the Joint-Flex 75™ Concrete Joint Filler PDF.

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