Lavina 13-X

ProCrete Resources is now offering the Lavina 13-X. A level on the Lavina 13-X allows for the operator to check the flatness of the floor during work. It also includes rollers to prevent the head from damaging the walls while still allowing for the closest possible access to the wall. A new gage on the Lavina 13-X allows for the operator to control the angle of the head against the floor for up to 4 degrees in either direction. The new system of adjustable head angles also allows for the operator to blend edge work more evenly while eliminating lines. The Lavina 13-X includes forward / reverse options controls.

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Horsepower 5.5 HP / 4 W
Voltage 1ph x 208-240V
Amperage 16 Amp
Dedicated Breaker Requirement 20 Amp
Generator Recommendation 9 KW
Weight of Machine 236 lbs / 107 kg
Grinding Pressure 57 lbs / 26 kg
Additional Weight up to 22 lbs / 10 kg
# of Additional Weights 4 x 5.50 lbs / 2.5 kg
Attachment Speed 500 – 800 rpm
Working Width 13.2 in / 335 mm
Tool Holder Diameter Recommendation 13.2 in / 335 mm
Tool Diameter Recommendation 13.2 in / 335 mm
Application Wet or Dry
Dust-Vaccum Yes
Water Feeding (optional) Pump, Front Spray
Water Tank Capacity 5.2 gal / 20 L
Cable Length 57 ft / 17.4 m
Machine Length 47.6 in / 1208 mm
Machine Width 23.6 in / 600 mm
Machine Height 36.1 in / 917 mm
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