Lavina 25-X

ProCrete Resources is now offering the Lavina 25-X grinding and polishing machine. The Lavina 25-X grinder and polisher is one of our most versatile and best selling floor machines. This machine has an entirely redesigned chain driven planetary system for increasing the ease of maintenance. It has new easy access on top and bottom of the machine base for a quick and easy access to the mechanics of the machine and faster maintenance. The Lavina 25-X also includes a new frame for more durability and new locking system on the base and main handles for more efficient handle adjustment. For more efficient grinding and polishing this machine utilizes a metered water flow.

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Horsepower 10 HP / 7.5 W
Voltage 1ph or 3 ph x 200 – 240V
Amperage 30 Amp Max
Dedicated Breaker Requirement 30 Amp
Generator Recommendation 22.5 KW
Weight of Machine 555 lbs / 252 kg
Grinding Pressure 310 lbs / 141 kg
Additional Weight up to 128 lbs / 58 kg
# of Additional Weights 2 x 64 lbs / 29 kg
Attachment Speed 300 – 1100 rpm
Working Width 25 in / 655 mm
Tool Holder Diameter Recommendation 3 x 9 in / 3 x 225 mm
Tool Diameter Recommendation 3 x 9 in / 3 x 225 mm
Application Wet or Dry
Dust-Vaccum Yes
Water Feeding (w/ pump) Inside / Front Spray
Water Tank Capacity 5.2 gal / 20 L
Cable Length 57 ft / 17.4 m
Machine Length 76 in / 1930 mm
Machine Width 27.2 in / 690 mm
Machine Height 46 in / 1170 mm
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