Lavina 25G-X

ProCrete Resources is now offering the Lavina 25G-X propane grinding and polishing machines. The Lavina 25G-X propane grinding and polishing machine is well known for its ease of use, high productivity and versatility, and this new X model offers even superior performance. This machines both do not have cords to mess with which means no power issues on the jobsite. Include a powerful Kawasaki engine, EnviroGard emissions monitoring system and catalytic mufflers to lower emissions. The Lavina 25G-X machine includes an upgraded chain-driven forced planetary system for easier maintenance as well as a new access window on the base for quick and easy access to the planetary drive, upgraded heads and frame. This machine is a forced planetary machine, featuring three 13.2-inch heads and a low profile base for reaching beneath shelves and cabinets.

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Propane Engine Capacity 603 cc / 36.8 cu in
Power 18 hp / 3600 min
Weight of Machine 590 lbs / 267 kg
Grinding Pressure 350 lbs / 160 kg
Additional Weight up to 128 lbs / 58 kg
# of Additional Weights 2 x 64 lbs / 29 kg
Tool Holder RPM 570 – 1030 rpm
Engine RPM 2000 – 3600 rpm
Working Width 25 in / 655 mm
Tool Holder Diameter 3 x 9 in / 3 x 225 mm
Tool Diameter 3 x 9 in / 3 x 225 mm
Application Wet or Dry
Dust-Vaccum Yes
Water Feeding (optional) Inside / Front Spray
Water Tank Capacity 5.2 gal / 20 L
Propane Tank Capacity 20 lbs / 9 kg
Machine Length 76 in / 1930 mm
Machine Width 27 in / 690 mm
Machine Height 47 in / 1179 mm
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