Lavina 32M-X

ProCrete Resources is now offering the Lavina 32M-X self propelled floor grinding and polishing machine. The 25 HP Lavina 32M-X is one of our heaviest and most powerful grinding and polishing machines, featuring six 9-inch heads and forced planetary movement. This model is a ‘high voltage’ unit (380/480 Volt). An ideal solution for large commercial projects. The Lavina 32M-X is a new self-propelled grinding and polishing machine – a second motor propels the machine forward, and the operator just needs to glide the machine in the right direction. The self- propelled action simplifies operation and minimizes the risk of the operator going too fast or too slow. Features a powerful 25hp motor and almost 1000lbs of grinding pressure, this is one of our largest machines, and is ideal for big commercial projects.

New features include:

  • Entirely new double chain driven planetary system, designed to provide more durable planetary rotation and reduced maintenance, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.
  • Updated main heads driving system with two timing belts that allows more aggressive grinding with 3 heads and fast polish with 6 heads.
  • The self-propelled motion allows the floor manager on the job site to set all machines with the same feed rate and speed/rpms for consistent scratch pattern. The operator needs to just glide the machine in the right direction with almost no effort and pushing.
  • New easy access window on the top side of the machine base for a quick access to the drive system and faster belt maintenance.

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Horsepower 25 HP / 18.5 KW
Voltage (50 / 60 Hz) 3 ph x 440 – 480V
Amperage 35 AMP
Dedicated Breaker Requirement 45 AMP
Generator Recommendation 45 KW
Weight of Machine 963 lbs / 437 kg
Grinding Pressure 692 lbs / 314 kg
Additional Weight up to 128 lbs / 58 kg
# of Additional Weights 2 x 64 lbs / 29 kg
Attachment Speed 300 – 1030 rpm
Working Width 32 in / 814 mm
Tool Holder Diameter 6 x 9 in / 6 x 225 mm
Tool Diameter 6 x 9 in / 6 x 225 mm
Application Wet or Dry
Dust-Vaccum Yes
Water Feeding (w/ Pump) Inside / Front Spray
Water Tank Capacity 12 gal / 46 L
Cable Length 57 ft / 17.4 m
Machine Length 96 in / 2430 mm
Machine Width 34 in / 850 mm
Machine Height 51 in / 1300 mm
Click on the links below to download the Lavina X and Lavina 32M-X PDFs.

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