Lavina V-25L-230 Vacuum

ProCrete Resources is proud to offer the Lavina V-25L-230 Vacuum. The Lavina V-25L-230 Vacuum is a very powerful unit, appropriate for use with the largest range of LAVINA® machines, including all 20 and 25 inch models. This vacuum is also available in 400 Volt for European standards.

LAVINA Vacuums are are the perfect addition to your LAVINA systems. The Lavina V-25L-230 Vacuum model has been specifically created for use with LAVINA machines, ranging from 16″ to 32″. With the addition of the Lavina 2 pre-separators, this comprehensive line provides an efficient dust-removal solution for any project, large or small. The Lavina vacuum models offer a wide range of performance options, with up to 9.5 HP and 354 CFM.


  • 100% steel construction
  • Specifically designed for LAVINA® concrete grinding and polishing machines
  • A pneumatic jet filter cleaning system, powered by an internal compressor, cleans the filter every 30 seconds, making its self-cleaning ability far superior to that of the competition
  • Large dry filter surface area, long filter life, and extremely efficient dust collection – efficiency of the main filter reduces the load on the motor and safety filter

Floor wand, Dry floor brush, Steel hose connector, Steel / Rubber connector (2 pieces), Polyurethane anti-static hose with 2 rubber cuffs, Air filter

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Voltage 1 ph x 230 V
Amperage 21.3 Amps
Power 4.6 + 2 HP / 3.45 + 1.5 kW
Motor 3 Bypass Motors
Filter 3 Cartridges
Filter Surface 64 ft2
Filter Cleaning Compressor
Water Lift 100 Inch
Longopac® Yes
Vac Hose Port M88
Cable Length 31 ft / 9.4 m
Weight 331 lbs
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