Lavina X Grinders and Polishers

The new LAVINA X series include a full range of models, from 7-inch and 13-inch edgers to the largest 38-inch remote-controlled propane model.
Lavina X Grinders and Polishers machines are well-known as powerful, durable, versatile and very easy to use, but with efficiency at top priority, the most notable feature of the new X line is the minimized machine maintenance.
A new window on the base of each machine (25″ and up) allows for a quick access to the planetary drive system and easy machine maintenance, saving time and improving productivity rates.
The primary belt on Lavina X Grinders and Polishers machines has been upgraded to timing belt.
Larger Lavina X models (25″ and up) boast a redesigned chain-driven planetary drive.
LAVINA 32 and LAVINA 38 models are now driven by 2 timing belts, and the planetary motion is now provided by a double chain system.

Lavina X Grinder Polishers

Other new features include:

  • Improved handle lock technology for easy operation, improved water delivery system with metered water flow, and more.
  • The self-propelled LAVINA® 32M-X-HV has been one of the most awaited models.
  • Features a powerful 25 hp motor and almost 1000 lbs of grinding pressure.
  • Six 9-inch grinding heads, but can be used with three heads only, if desired, for more aggressive cutting.

Thanks to the self-propelled action, provided by a second motor, the machine requires very little physical effort by the operator and processes the floor at a steady working speed.

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