LiON HARD Densifier

ProCrete now offers LiON HARDTM Densifier from L&M Construction Chemicals. The LiON HARD densifier is a lithium silicate concrete densifier and hardener with water saver technology.

LiON HARD is a VOC-free, environmentally friendly lithium silicate concrete floor densifier and hardener. This product penetrates bare concrete surfaces and transforms them into a permanently dust free floor with a prideful gloss that gets better with age.

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There’s no scrubbing, no washing, and L&M’s Water Saver Technology makes Lion Hard environmentally friendly and easy to apply. This product may be applied to new and existing, cured concrete as a chemical hardener, dust-proofer and densifier to improve surface durability and appearance. Lion Hard is also very effective on polished concrete surfaces to harden, densify and protect their attractive and durable finish.


  • Densifies and dustproofs bare concrete floors
  • Water Saving Technology. No scrubbing, no flushing residue with water
  • Reacts instantly upon contact with floor surface
  • Produces surface gloss which improves with age
  • Will not absorb water or contribute to floor sweating
  • High traction, non-slip for safe floors
  • Effective on both new and old floors
  • UV stable. Will not yellow, flake or discolor
  • VOC Compliant. Non-Flammable, Odorless
  • Easy to maintain, no waxing necessary
  • Resistant to surface whitening
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