Lumiseal FX

ProCrete now offers Lumiseal FXTM from L&M Construction Chemicals. Lumiseal FX is a water-based, non-yellowing, blush resistant curing and sealing compound designed to provide attractive, high gloss sealing qualities. Lumiseal FX is formulated with advanced low-VOC, self-crosslinking emulsion chemistry, providing a very durable film and excellent early water-resistance to whitening or blistering. Lumiseal FX is suitable for use on interior and exterior, horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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The durable film of Lumiseal FX bonds easily to clean, sound concrete surfaces. It forms a non-yellowing protective film that assures improved resistance to contaminants, stains and abrasion. Surface preparation of previously sealed concrete surfaces is simple and easy to accomplish. This product is ideal for sealing and resealing decorative, stamped and colored concrete. In addition, Lumiseal FX is effective as a protective top coat on densified, polished concrete for improved stain resistance.


  • Non-blushing formula, resists whitening
  • Non-yellowing, pure acrylic formulation
  • Resists black tire marks
  • Low VOC, Low odor
  • Recommended for interior and exterior use
  • Compatible with previously sealed concrete with minimal preparation
  • Provides additional stain protection to polished concrete
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