S13 Single-Phase HEPA Dust Extractor

ProCrete Resources offers the 120V single motor S13 Single-Phase HEPA Dust Extractor which can be connected to electrical, hand-operated power tools to extract freshly cut, friable concrete dust. The model S13 Single-Phase HEPA Dust Extractor is also an effective all-around construction vacuum for picking-up a wide range of building materials and debris. Comes with 16-foot, 1.5″ hose, wand and floor tool. Includes a 6 mil, 10-gallon disposable poly bag for dust-free handling and disposal.



Product Code 20090058A 200900058
CFM 129 129
Waterlift 100 100
HP 1.7 1.7
Amps 9.8 4.9
Weight (lb) 66 66
Volts 120 230

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