Seal Hard

ProCrete now offers Seal Hard from L&M Construction Chemicals, a Concrete Sealer, Densifier, Chemical Hardener.

Seal Hard is a proprietary, colorless, environmentally safe chemical solution that increases the wear surface strength of concrete floors subjected to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It penetrates concrete surfaces to seal, dustproof, densify and harden them. Seal Hard floors last longer, cost less to maintain, are safe to use, and are guaranteed to resist dusting for years after application.

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Through a chemical-ion exchange process, it develops internal bonds which densify the concrete substrate into a hardened, chemically-cured, homogeneous concrete mass that dustproofs, resists abrasion, and reduces oil and water penetration.. This chemical-ion densifying process begins immediately upon treatment and continues through the initial six months following application, at which time the treatment becomes complete and permanent.

With its odorless, VOC free formula, Seal Hard is environmentally safe to use. This product is also safe to own. The deeply penetrating chemical action leaves no film and will not alter the natural non-slip texture of the concrete floor. Treated floors conform to ADA and OSHA requirements.

Seal Hard treated floors provide a significant savings in maintenance costs over conventional acrylic, epoxy and urethane sealers. This product will not yellow, discolor, chip, peel or show unsightly wear patterns with use. Treated floors resist tire marks. In fact, the more a Seal Hard floor is used and as it matures, the better it looks and more durable it becomes.

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