STI-2818 LP Prep Master Propane Grinder

ProCrete Resources is proud to offer the STI-2818 LP Prep Master Propane Grinder. This machine is one of the most popular among residential contractors. The STI-2818 LP Prep Master Propane Grinder is easy to operate due to its lighter weight and can be operated in smaller areas. The STI-2818 LP also offers ease of loading and un-loading. Its moveable weight system allows for various applications. The STI-2818 model also offers unlimited speed variations thanks to its variable speed drive.
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Motor Kawasaki 18HP LP
Motor RPM 2,200 – 3,650 RPM
Vacuum Hose Connection 3 in./76mm x 25 ft./8m
Weight 829 lbs. | 376 kg
Tool RPM 366RPM to 500RPM
Number of Tools 6
Tools Attachment Style EG Proprietary Attachment System
Dimensions 73″L x 30″W x 50″H
185cm x 76cm x 127cm

Production Rates:

Mastic Removal 375 SF / 35 M2 per hour
Thin Set Removal 425 SF /40 M2 per hour
Mil Coatings Removal 225 SF / 21 M2 per hour
Concrete Polishing 575 SF / 53 M2 per hour
Click on the links below to download the STI Catalog and STI-2818 LP Prep Master Grinder PDFs.

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