T12600 HEPA Dust Extractor

ProCrete Resources offers the T12600 HEPA Dust Extractor, which is the perfect suction unit for a smaller, central vac system. It is the big brother of the T8600, but is also equipped with autostart, a larger cyclone and a HEPA filter whose surface has been increased from 5 m2 to 10 m2. The filter surface is also 65 % larger, and is now 3.8 m2. This secures long continuous running without decreased suction power.

CFM 647
Tube filter (ft2) 41
HEPA filter (ft2) 108
Waterlift 110
HP 17.4
Amps 21
Weight (lb) 716
Volts 480
Dimensions (in) 54 x 31 x 72

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