U.S. Saws Cast Aluminum Dust Buggy – Joint Cleanout Saw

ProCrete Resources is now offering the Electric U.S. Saws Cast Aluminum Dust Buggy – Joint Cleanout Saw. The U.S. Saws Cast Aluminum Dust Buggy – Joint Cleanout Saw is a portable, adjustable, lightweight joint cleanout saw perfect for indoor joint work. Its up-cut blade rotation allows debris to be removed from joints.

This Dust Buggy model has a powerful Metabo W24-230 grinder mounted in a steel chassis. It has an up-cut blade rotation to clean debris out of the joint. It also has adjustable depth control that provides consistent cut depth. The new polyurethane wheels help the Dust Buggy track perfectly straight. The new cast aluminum model ensures a more durable product. This model also comes with wider axles and wheels.

With the Tiger Tooth blades, this saw will remove joint filler.


  • Electric, portable joint cleanout saw ideal for decorative applications, concrete cutting, and joint cleanout/caulk cutting
  • Adjustable blade depth with up to 2” cutting depth (with 8” blade)
  • Powered by Metabo grinder
  • Up-cut blade rotation cleans debris out of the joint
  • Solid aluminum chassis provides a durable and stable machine to allow for straight, accurate cuts
  • Vacuum port allows for dust free operation
  • Polyurethane wheels allow the unit to roll smoothly over surfaces and track perfectly straight

  • Joint cleanout
  • Concrete repair
  • Concrete cutting
  • Joint Filler remover
  • Joint bevelling
  • Decorative cutting
  • Re-cutting control joints through coatings

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Output Power 15 Amp Electric
Maximum RPM 6,600
Power Requirements 120V, 60Hz
Maximum Cutting Depth 2″
Blade Diameter 7″ or 8″ Dry Diamond
Blade Width .090″, .125″, .250″
Blade Arbor 7/8”
Weight 50 lbs
Click on the links below to download the U.S. Saws Cast Aluminum Dust Buggy – Joint Cleanout Saw PDF’s.

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