U.S. Saws CC-100 Walk-Behind Crack Chasing Saw

ProCrete Resources is now offering the 9HP U.S. Saws CC-100 Walk-Behind Crack Chasing Saw.

  • High productivity saw
  • Routes random cracks and joint at 6-8 feet per minute or up to 3,000 linear feet per day
  • Designed to cut to 1-inch deep
  • Has a swivel caster and retractable control handle
  • Uses a 6″ dry diamond blade; the smaller blade allows a tighter turning radius making it easier to follow cracks
  • Includes vacuum hose adapter for connection to a dust collection system for controlling dust
  • Optional kits available for joint cleanout or joint repair applications

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Motor Make/Model Honda GX270
Power Source 9HP Gas
Maximum RPM 8,775
Max Cutting Depth 1″
Blade Diameter 6″ Dry Diamond
Blade Width .250″, .375″, .500″
Blade Arbor Size 5/8″ With Drive Pin Hole
Weight 650 lbs
Click on the links below to download the U.S. Saws CC-100 Walk-Behind Crack Chasing Saw PDFs.

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